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Global Result Meeting
November 2012

Representatives of key international and national diabetes organizations, clinicians, researchers, people with diabetes and their family members gathered in Copenhagen on the 2ndand 3rd of November this year to review the initial results of the study. These people are all committed to supporting the wider implementation of the study’s results.

The meeting was hosted by the key global partners of DAWN2™: the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO), the Steno Diabetes Center and Novo Nordisk. During the meeting, members of the DAWN2™ International Publication Planning Committee (IPPC) presented the initial results of the global study.

New DAWN™ anniversary book available 
January 2012

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the DAWN™ study, a new book looks in detail at its achievements and the wide range of initiatives all over the world that it has inspired.

DAWN2™ at EASD 2011 
September 2011

At the EASD conference in Lisbon, Portugal Novo Nordisk was proud to announce the launch of a the new and unique global study, DAWN2™. The study aims to gain a 360°perspective on life with diabetes. DAWN2™ will engage key stakeholders in finding new ways to enable people with diabetes to live full, healthy lives and be actively involved in managing their own health.

Dr. Mark Peyrot, an internationally recognized professor of sociology from the US who shared his views on the unique prospects of DAWN2™.

A DAWN™ Youth diet and exercise event held in Japan 
August 2010

Children and their parents were gathered at Tokyo’s Komatsugawa Sakura Hall for a one-day diet and exercise event arranged by the Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care (JADEC).

10 years anniversary of DAWN™ celebrated in Germany 
May 2010

The 10 years anniversary of DAWN™ is approaching and for this occasion a large event was held in Germany with leading expert speakers on DAWN™.

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